VisualDCT (aka VDCT)

VisualDCT is the Visual Database Configuration Tool for EPICS Databases.

It was developed by Cosylab. This development was funded by SLS, APS, Diamond and SNS.


Distribution archives of released versions (containing binaries, sources, javadoc, and the documentation web site) are available from the releases page.

Web Site

VisualDCT has a generated static web site that contains detailed information, including user manuals, release notes, reference and project documentation.

The current (development) version of the generated web site is available on-line, the complete website is included in the distribution archives (in the site folder).

Building from Sources

VisualDCT is a Maven project. Any recent Java IDE should be able to open and compile it. VisualDCT is known to compile using Java 8 and Java 10.

Apart from the default lifecycle, two additional Maven goals are useful:

  • site Generate the website with user, reference and project documentation
  • assembly:single Generate the distribution archives as tar and zip

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration and deployment is provided through Travis-CI.


Any bugs should be reported as issues in the GitHub project.


Pull requests are always welcome.

For non-trivial changes and additions, please first contact the authors and/or use the EPICS Tech-Talk mail exploder to discuss and review your plans.